A Generation In Flames EP

by Stasis Lure

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Free download of the new 4 track EP by Stasis Lure. Included with the download is a digital booklet including lyrics, liner notes and pics. **Includes 2 Bonus tracks: Built From Dust & First Mate and Her Pirate originally released on the "A Generation In Flames" Single.**


released July 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Stasis Lure Toronto, Ontario

Stasis Lure:

Qusay Raba'h - Lead Vocals

Ashtin Rogers - Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic Guitars/Vocals/Keys

Levan Sichinava - Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars

Ari Belu - Bass/ Vocals

- Drums & Percussion
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Track Name: Faded Ink
Faded Ink

War is erected for your own
the loser is silent so he's wrong
Won't be remembered by his own
they've been throughly corrupted by your songs

A freedom from modern qualms
slumbered in nature's arms
A mindless infraction
for not much longer!

Anymore anymore!
We'll burn them to the ground
we'll make them all wail such awful sounds
So far from grace
lets darken brighter days
Human beings? No muted slaves

Off with their legs and then their hands
strangle these wasted native lands
The fire enlightens all their eyes
in time they might be civilized



Silence silence thunder!
There is much work to be done

Their solutions starved the meaning
and sold it to God
Freedom? Yes, I heard your screaming
The chalice is found


Track Name: A Generation In Flames
A Generation in Flames

Life on the streets
looking for work
uninformed and careless
this empty horizon

Resettled after the war
in a country unknown
the generation of the flames
is for what we are known

Lost on these mindless paths
searching for some form of
escape from
this listless way of life

The road is filled with
people just like this
from a lost world
in an era of the depressed

This is where the phrase
has pointed the brain
for the ones known
as the generation of the flame
Track Name: Fair Eyes
Track Name: Tranquil Chill
Tranquil Chill

The lonely stream evades
the sways of wrong
A fated path where
all its days are gone
I wonder if I'll flee
the waves that crash expressionlessly
or will its course drown
the desperation in my cries?

Time escapes free in the early hour
Thinking back, I sit still and devoured
Everything must hate and wait for the kill
While all I can feel is this tranquil chill

Looking out, the darkness covers the dawn
I care for vacant eyes for much too long
The past crashes down as I climb upon
Broken miracles to see that you're gone
Nightfall breaks, sky parts for rain
Speechless holding on disdain
Once a while a stark wind flies
That grieves of oracles a wise man shunned


Strikes so hard that
No art could break apart chains
Charging hearts drowning thoughts
Cruel and sharp pains
I wonder if ill flee the waves
That crash expressionlessly
Or will its course drown this desperation
Track Name: First Mate and Her Pirate